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Description We are a community formed abut 20 years ago around a Vipassana meditation Center and we live in the Apuseni Mountains, Hunedoara county, Romania. Cultural exchange and learning opportunities First of all, you will learn meditation, which is an art of living. Help As a community, we have been in a continuous process of growing and developing: more people, more space, more work every year and we could use some help over summer and autumn when we work intensively in all the fields.

Languages spoken Romanian, English. Accommodation The main location of the community is in the village Dumbrava de Sus, next to the meditation center.


What else A little more information Internet access. How many Workawayers can stay? More than two. Hours expected Maximum hours a day, 5 days a week. Feedback left by and about host Left by Workawayer Dominic for host. This is more than an experience Whether you are already on a spiritual path or just beginning one, this remote location, and this precious community is the place to practice meditation and find yourself centered. This is the place to explore solitude, asceticism, … read more and the self.

Smiles are continuously flowing here, the work is friendly and the labor intimate with the natural world.

Also, a major plus is the food, the cooking and materials cooked with are so so good, very veggie friendly. Vivian was a wonderful Workaway-er. We had a very positive experience with her. She is very adaptable and hardworking and she has a good and communicative mood all the time. She was great with the goats, you would say she lived here forever. It was really great to have her with us and we would be happy to have her back anytime.

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Thanks, Vivian!!! Left by Workawayer Vivian for host. I am really happy that the fortune brought me to this special place. If i think back, there are just positive things coming to my mind: warm and open people from the first minute you meet them- always willing to help and make your stay as inspiring as possible, great selfmade food, different types of work- which you can choose to join by your … read more self, without stress and your own rythm, It was kind of an simple life, with wodden beds, no supermarket, or hot water the whole time, but still so enjoyable: the talks and the nature around just made me forget, that i need luxury things.

After a while I could realise for myself, that nobody has expectations or jugements, so I could find the things that i like to do in my rythm that i needed. Thanks a lot to everybody. It was nice to see, how else a society could look like and how happy people can life together.

Hope to see you again one day. Big hugs! She impressed us with the courage and adaptability to hard travel conditions.

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She is only 19, but she is strong and nice and warm at the same time. You are always welcome here. Thank you for your help. Left by Workawayer Rossini for host. Staying in this beautiful little community in the mountains was an absolutely heart-warming and mind-opening experience for me. Not only did I learn to meditate - perhaps the most precious gift I could be given - but I was taken in as one of the community and treated with absolute compassion.

Chiang Mai – Thailand

I will never forget the compassion that was shown to me or the simple, peaceful lifestyle that they lead; full of love, joy and laughter. I hope that I will return someday! Much love, Rossini. You can only contact Workawayers who have an active membership. Left by Workawayer Catarina for host. Wow, what to say about this experience..

I had a beautiful, insightful and life-changing experience in the Children of the Sun. I really enjoyed my staying in the community after the course, most of it because of the people living in there, I really felt welcome and dear there. The laughter in the girls dorm, the incense smell, the harmony, fresh … read more bread, the tea.. So many beautiful moments craved on my heart. And practically talking, the work wasn't exhausting at all, and I had a lot of time to enjoy nature and take care of my life. There was always things to do but they also give you the freedom to choose what you want to do.

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Homepage of Vipassana Meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin. Aprenda mais sobre a meditação Vipassana em regiões em todo mundo contatando um Vipassana Meditation and Research Centre, Dhamma Paphulla.

I super recommend the community. They really like to meet like-minded people with good heart and if you like to walk around with goats, learn how to make bread and delicious Zakuska, meditate, meet amazing people enjoy life at its purest, and much more things go ahead and apply. I am only at the beginning of my journey and I have no doubt it will only get better! Will was very engaging and reassuring, even when the experience was challenging, and I felt safe to explore in the workshop setting.

Beeja meditation helped me with sleep and stress level, but above all to reconnect with the present moment, which was exactly what I wanted to achieve. Mainly because practicing them was dogmatic and trying to quiet my mind was more often than not a source of stress rather than calm. Meditation has never been easier nor more impactful than now. I would definitely recommend this to anyone interested in taking control of their own lives.

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I was suffering from severe stress and anxiety for the past four years due to problems work and an unhealthy relationship. I was so impressed with the intro talk alone that the confidence in me flourished…so much so that I excelled in an interview and got a job I had really wanted….. The course was a revelation and I have been close to stress free and am enjoying my life so much more now as my negativity has turned to positivity in less than three weeks and everyone close to me has noticed the difference the change in my behaviour.

This course is definitely worth it and Jess is an amazing teacher. I have been attending group meditations and have met so many lovely people. All you need is 40 minutes of your day to enjoy this great feeling. Deciding to learn meditation was a great decision.

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I was a little unsure going in to the classes, but I got everything I hoped for and more. On a daily level, I am more balanced, relaxed and clear in my thinking. The meditation itself, while relatively quick, is hugely enjoyable, and the benefits of being so calm and clear resonate throughout the whole day. Will is a great teacher. He has an impressive wealth of knowledge on vedic meditation, and he always talks in a way that is grounded in the world we live in. Thanks Will! Vipassana meditation.

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Get in touch hello beejameditation. What is Vipassana? How is it practised?

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How does it compare? Upcoming Courses Or call Beeja Meditation on Summary: An easy way to insight and presence Warren, Groundsman, Sussex. How is it practiced? It is physically uncomfortable, emotionally harsh, and thoroughly brilliant.