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Rising and R. Thomas Y. Crowell, , pp. Moore of the University of Texas. Both are able to get their students emotionally involved with their subject by taking away their textbooks. Brown, J. Daniel, Dale; Eyles, Joseph W. Ted; Pember, J.

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Craig, "On using the discovery method in the distance-education setting," Foster, James A. Hinchey, C.

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Search by author, title, ISBN. Unfortunately, the gains made do not seem to catch these students up to their peers who are meeting progress benchmarks. Some of the elementary school programs did not even provide books for students, as they might interfere with student discovery. Annual Review of Psychology, 54, — Together these two approaches provide important ways for students with a wide range of abilities and disabilities to get the education they need. Samuelson, Paul A.

Morgan Kaufmann, , pp. Professorial intervention in the classroom was minimal. Our experience has been that students learn otherwise difficult material better, and are better able to put it into practice, with this teaching technique than they would have been able to do in the typical classroom. The author, professor of mathematics at the University of Birmingham in England, describes a first-year course, "Development of Mathematical Reasoning," which has proven popular and effective for mathematics students entering the university. Green, John W. Heath, J.

Heath, R. Ingram, W. Kauffman, Robert, "Three variations on a theme.

Lemke, James, " Discovery Learning. McClendon James W.

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Buy Mathematics in the secondary school classroom;: Selected readings by Gerald R Rising (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low. Mathematics in the secondary school classroom: selected readings. Front Cover Education / Teaching Methods & Materials / Mathematics. Export Citation.

A prominent theologian recalls his experience as a calculus student with Dr. Moore in Neuberger, J. Reagan, Becky, "Testimonial on the influences of R. Reed, M.

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Howson, et al. Stallman, C. Mahavier," and W. Mahavier, "Mentoring the Moore Method," Steenrod, N. Suppes, P. Marik, O. Stepankova, Z. Zdrahal, Springer, Moore method of teaching. It is easy to implement such a method in a computer framework. A typical example would be a presentation of fifteen elementary statements about the geometrical relation of betweenness among three points.

Transue, W. Vick, James W. I can still remember the thrill of discovery and the triumph of presentation of a basic theorem as a freshman 47 years ago. I will fashion a course [from the text] in which I will include as many of the applications as possible, and on Fridays I will convert the class into a Moore method setting, with students proving theorems from a separate list I have generated.

Wadle, L. Moore teaching method," Woodruff, Edythe, " My experiences with the Moore Method ," Young, S. Zenor, P. A one-semester undergraduate course started by Bing at Wisconsin and continued by R. Fullerton, S. Kleene, and R. The notes were used by C. Allendoerfer at the University of Washington and by W. Duren, Jr. Center for American History Archives. Collection Description. Moore Archives. Aull and R. Lowen eds , Kluwer Academic , Frantz, J. Jones, F.

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Lowen eds. Kluwer Academic Publishers: Lewis, Albert C.

Moore school of topology," Historia Mathematica, 31, , Letter to G. Whyburn concerning the axioms of Foundations of Plane Analysis Situs. Kennedy, et al. Specifically, many of them became leaders in the MAA, participating actively in the educational issues of their day. Moore: its background, nature, and influence," Arch. History Exact Sci.

Zitarelli, David, "Towering figures in American mathematics," Amer. Eaton, William T. Awarded the R. Moore - H. Wall prize. Lax, Peter, "Change of variables in multiple integrals," Amer. Monthly , on CD and 2. Monthly , Dedicated to Moore's student E. Klipple "who taught me real variables by the R. Quotes R. Moore in the epigram to Chapter 2: "That student is taught the best who is told the least. Albers, D. Albers, G. Alexanderson, C.

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Reid eds Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, , pp. Anderson, Richard D. Bing, RH, , October 5. Remarks at the Dedication of R. Moore Hall. First page preview from the publisher.

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