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Meet the cast of The Circle series 2
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Moira also has a personal score to settle. Vampires killed her mother—and now, she is ready to exact her revenge. But now, he stands with the circle. Without hesitation, he will kill others of his kind—and has earned the respect of sorcerer, witch, warrior, and shape-shifter. But he wants more than respect from Moira—even though his desire for her makes him vulnerable.

Dance of the Gods. But now, she finds herself the warrior in a circle of six, chosen by the goddess Morrigan to defeat the vampire Lilith and her minions. Learning to trust the others has been hard, for Blair has never allowed herself such a luxury. But she finds herself drawn to Larkin, a man of many shapes. As a horse, he is proud and graceful; as a dragon, beautifully fierce; and as a man…well, Blair has never seen one quite so ruggedly handsome and playfully charming as this nobleman from the past.

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Read an Excerpt. Her name is Lilith. Existing for over a thousand years, she has lured countless men to an immortal doom with her soul-stealing kiss. But now, this woman known as vampire will stop at nothing until she rules this world—and those beyond it… Hoyt is no match for the dark siren. But his powers come from the goddess Morrigan, and it is through her that he will get his chance at vengeance. Share: Share on Facebook. When a bullet grazes his head, he awakens in an entirely different reality. Now every time he falls asleep, he wakes up in the other reality--and every choice he makes impacts the fate of two worlds.

At long last, all four novels in this groundbreaking series have been brought together in one adrenaline-laced volume. Four novels.

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Two Worlds. One Story.

Ted Dekker is known for novels that combine adrenaline-laced stories with unexpected plot twists, unforgettable characters, and incredible confrontations between good and evil. The son of missionaries, he grew up in the jungles of Indonesia. After several years in corporate marketing, in he began writing books like Heaven's Wager now he has written numerous books including bestsellers Skin, In the Blink of an Eye, Saint and Thr3e.


Fleeing assailants through alleyways in Denver late one night, Thomas Hunter narrowly escapes to the roof of an industrial building. Refresh and try again. All donations benefit Circle in the Square Theatre School. This interconnectedness is why I have remained such a Dekker fan for years, and is actually the reason I started reading Stephen King, because I had heard his work provided something similar. I have not read 3 novels quite as hungrily Wow what an author!

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The Circle Series, formerly known as the Circle Trilogy until the novel Green was released in September , is a tetralogy of spiritually inspired novels by. See the Books of History Chronicles for other books in the grand series of which this is a also The Circle: The Graphic also kn.

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Meet the cast of The Circle series 2

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