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Volume 33 January - December Volume 32 January - December Volume 31 January - December Volume 30 January - December Volume 29 January - December Volume 28 January - December Volume 27 January - November Volume 26 January - November Volume 25 January - November Volume 24 January - November Volume 23 January - November Volume 22 January - November Volume 21 January - November Volume 20 January - November Volume 19 January - November Volume 18 January - November Volume 17 January - November Volume 16 January - November Volume 15 January - November Volume 14 January - November Recommendations for this strategy usually include providing a team assignment to a group of two to five people.

Types of assignments might include solving a difficult problem, generating a plan or developing a checklist. The assignment must include input from every individual and should involve interactions that promote discussion, challenging and defense of ideas and reflection on the learning task.

Researchers theorize that under conditions of high cognitive load, this richer collaborative learning environment leads to deeper processing and more meaningful learning than individual learning.

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In an online environment, you can accomplish this through synchronous video conferencing or asynchronous platforms, such as forums. This can be anything from using paper and pencil as a scratchpad to a mobile app that calculates complex measurements. But what about during a learning intervention? To reduce cognitive load while a person is in the process of learning, you can provide external memory supports such as:. It is the aspect of instructional interventions that learning experience designers can control.

Hopefully, these six strategies are reminders of valuable approaches that can reduce cognitive load in your designs. Find success with online learning with articles, tips and resources delivered to your Inbox once a month.

Side and Type of Initial Motor Symptom Influences Visuospatial Functioning in Parkinson's Disease

This is a great concise reminder list, with several new ideas as well. Can I post it on LinkedIn of course with you as the source?

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There are a dozen of us and many of my trainers have had issues with overloading our new employees with too much irrelevant information. I really think this would help them out!

Adolescent Cognitive and Non-cognitive Correlates of Adult Health

Hi Connie, Thank you for this valuable article. There are some really great ideas here.

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I noticed that in your post you did not mention a favorite of mine, which is a very important strategy to use in reducing cognitive load. It is promoting dual channel processing. When we give learners information with only audio or only a visual, they are only using one of the two main channels they use to receive input.

This results in increased cognitive load in one channel, while the other channel remains unused. By incorporating both audio and visuals into the content, the load of both inputs are more balanced, and both inputs are leveraged.

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This can be very helpful in reducing cognitive load. Do you have any preferred strategies on how to apply the modality principle effectively in e-learning? Reference: Greer, D.

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