Ring theory V2, Volume 127-II (Pure and Applied Mathematics)

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Reviewer: Jean-Luc Chabert. Fontana, Marco; Huckaba, James A. Monographs and Textbooks in P ure and Applied Mathematics, Marcel Dekker, Inc. Barucci, Valentina; Dobbs, David E.

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Algebra , no. Reviewer: Muhammad Zafrullah. Algebra 24 , no. Reviewer: R. Algebra 23 , no. Reviewer: C. Reviewer: Daniel D. Barrett Memorial Lectures. French [A class of rings that generalize Dedekind rings] J. Reviewer: David E. Algebra 22 , no. Reviewer: Sarah Glaz. Fontana, M. Reviewer: Salah-Eddine Kabbaj. Algebra 78 , no. Pura Appl. Ferrara Sez.

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VII N. Reviewer: Ira J. Reviewer: Johnny A. Algebra 18 , no. Okayama Univ. Reviewer: Evan G. Algebra 63 , no. Reviewer: Alain Bouvier.

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Algebra 61 , no. Reviewer: David F. Algebra 51 , no. Reviewer: W. Reviewer: Chin-Pi Lu. French [On dimension sequences and a class of distinguished rings that determines them] C. I Math. Reviewer: James A. Mathematika 34 , no. Domains satisfying the trace property.

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Reviewer: Nick H. Canada 9 , no. Algebra 15 , no. Algebra 99 , no. Manuscripta Math. Reviewer: Anne Grams.

Ring Theory V2, Volume 127II

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The Kourovka Notebook , arXiv : Barwise , S. Feferman , eds. Journal of Symbolic Logic Volume. Fundamenta Mathematicae. Bibcode : math Classification theory for abstract elementary classes. College Publications. July 24, Categoricity PDF. American Mathematical Society.

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Archived PDF from the original on July 29, Retrieved February 20, Bibcode : arXiv Article Review Prakash, Ravi, Optimal control problem for the time-dependent Kirchhoff-Love plate in a domain with rough boundary , Asymptot. Review Prasad, Phoolan, Fermat's and Huygens' principles, and hyperbolic equations and their equivalence in wavefront construction , Neural Parallel Sci.

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  • Ring theory V2, Volume 127-II (Pure and Applied Mathematics)!
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Article Review Mandal, B.